Cover Me (Through The Fire)

Last night I mentioned that yesterday I finally printed EPIC TALES . This is a class project and not for sale, so I felt using the original title was appropriate. The stories inside are slated to appear in William Clausen’s Short Stories and Tall Tales, Issue #2.
(This is the alternate title we did not mention to Stan).

Epic Cover-2

As for the cover of EPIC, I took a photo that I exported from Blender and modified it (This scene is completely modeled in 3 dimensions). The first hitch I had was converting to CMYK. What looks blue on the screen actually was printing purple. I did a color replace and tried again. This time pixelation was showing up due to the resampling from 72 dpi to 300 dpi.I had less than an hour of class-time to come up with a solution and print.

I ended up doing a 3 layer fix. layer one I used dust and scratches set at a radius of 5 to solidify the edges. Layer 2 is a copy of the (color adjusted) original, set at Color Dodge. The top layer is set at Dissolve. Combined this gave it less of a 3d look, and more of a comic feel. If I had more time to play with it, I might have tweaked it some more,but such is life when you’re putting out fire with gasoline.

Tommorrow…Epic Tales part 2…Watch for it!


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