Epic Tales part 1

Previously, I mentioned how I gave Stan Lee the idea that would morph into Epic Illustrated.

Since I had to do a publication for my final Project in Art 271, I decided to finally produce issue #1 of EPIC TALES. I did this for 3 reasons:

    1.It’s been on the back burner for 35 years
    2.My brother asked me to prepare my 2 parts (I did in 1978) for publication
    3.If I did not adapt school assignments to actual jobs, they tend to not get done

I am posting part 1 today, in honor of the actual printing of EPIC. This is the story I posted earlier with lettering by Shel Dorf. The problem I had to fix was removing the text and restoring the artwork.

We decided to remove the text because it was a variation on the William Burroughs cut-up technique. I call it a variation because, unlike Burroughs and Bowie (who both used randomness to generate story and lyric), I was intentionally combining the pieces to tell a story using 4 Bowie songs:

    2.Joe The Lion (about performance artist Chris Burden)
    4.Somebody Up There Likes Me

As we do not have the publishing rights to the lyrics, I either had to rewrite the story, or publish it “nude”. We decided the pictures could stand alone, partly because I felt that Shel’s lettering is timeless art that should not be insulted with a Comic Sans, computer generated replacement.

Wednesday, I will post part 2 of the book as a gallery, including the cover, second reworked story and a brand new 2-page spread.

6 thoughts on “Epic Tales part 1

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    • I don’t have a color version!

      If you have it, send it to me when you get a chance.

      I just finished correcting some issues that developed with the post. It seems that when I linked to the Garris story it included the slides from that post and deleted the other slideshow. Is that how it was when you saw it?

      The EPIC post now contains both a slide show and a gallery, so you can see the pages 1 at a time and click on each one to copy them for your files if you want.

      I will send you the original files via email when you are ready for them. You can have them in either 300 or 96 dpi.

      I saved them in both formats because the original files you sent were split between the 2. The relative size is the same, but 300 dpi is best for printing.

      So, are you planning on releasing issue #2 in color?

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