Shat Happens!

In a previous post I reminisced about the time my brother and I spent 2 days in deep discussions with Gene Roddenberry about science fiction and the future of STAR TREK.

We did not discuss, nor could we foresee the lasting impact on our culture of one William Shatner. My brother went and saw him last weekend and sent this to me via e-mail.

Shat shirt - 1

Late breaking news….William Shatner hit at The Pantages Theatre!….Saturday night in Hollywood, Shatner brought down the house with his biographical mix of wit, humor, and raw emotion……holding people’s attention in his ever-fascinatig hypnotic grip….and then he sings!….what more could you want?…I loved it!!….William Clausen.

Shat shirt - 2

Star Trek was very influential. It could have been more so. Gene’s original idea called for the captain to be a strong willed woman. This was too “far-out” thinking for the original series. It was not until Voyager (my fave) that his idea could finally be given the place it deserved.

A few last observations. Why was only Sulu and Kirk who got their shirts ripped? (OK Spock got his torn once or twice).

Finally, how come every time a fight broke out in engineering there was a crescent wrench on the counter? There’s not a single bolt on the whole ship, but there’s always a crescent wrench right?

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