The flag has been at half mast around here for the last few days in respect to the passing of Moebius. He was a true visionary, leading the way for other artists to explore different mediums. His contributions to film storyboarding are legendary. Foremost among them is Tron.

From a 1982 press release:

The 1982 movie

From Walt Disney Productions

CGI by MAGI, Digital Effects, Robert Abel and Associates, and Information International Inc. (III)

Walt Disney Productions has combined computer-generated imagery with special techniques in live-action photography that have marked a milestone in optical and light effects. “TRON” brings to life a world where energy lives and breathes, where laws of logic are defied, where an electronic civilization thrives. Starring in “TR0N” are Jeff Bridges, David Warner, Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan and Barnard Hughes. Steven Lisberger makes his feature directorial debut on the film, which he scripted and developed with producer Donald Kushner.

Futuristic industrial designer Syd Mead, comic artist Jean “Moebius” Giraud — whose work is a prime inspiration for the magazine Heavy Metal — and high-tech commercial artist Peter Lloyd served as special visual consultants. Harrison Ellenshaw was associate producer. Special effects were supervised by Ellenshaw and Richard Taylor. Bruce Logan was director of photography.

Characters in “TRON” are set in landscapes that could not physically exist in the real world, a world where terrains and vehicles are created by computers. Although CGI was used sparingly in movies before (eg, Westworld, Star Trek, Looker) “TR0N” was the first motion picture to make such extensive use of computer imagery.

“TRON” completed principal photography in July, 1981. Post-production continued through the spring of 1982 for a summer 1982 release by Buena Vista, in color by Technicolor. Filmed in Super Panavision 70.

More about Tron – Story Boards 1Story Boards 2

Tron helped pave the way for the acceptance of computer animation in cinematic context. I remember it as being very influential in my artistic approach.


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