I Die, You Die

I am working on the staff for our Clark College Student Art annual “The Phoenix”. I was asked to do a tombstone for the final page of a short story entitled “A Paranormal Romance” It is about a woman who killed her husband. He came back to life as a vampire and now she loves him and kills regularly for him using a shotgun.Garden Stone My original layout was full color Photoshop collage work. The literary staff loved the Blood-Heart (with the 2 shotgun holes in it), but requested the story be accompanied by a few illustrations (like every other story). Instead of the rose I originally had on the tombstone, they requested a lily. Below are 4 versions I created for them. Each with a little more detail. The final 2 have a double barreled shotgun (front-view) carved in the headstone. Please take a minute to vote for your favorite.

4 thoughts on “I Die, You Die

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