On The Screen

Class Assignment – WordPress Theme Modification

inferno theme screenshotThis is the original,unmodified inferno theme. I did extensive modifications to it, beginning with background enhancement. The Black, content area box was uploaded in PhotoShop and manipulated until the original photo was restored. I then took a screen shot in Blender of a table I had built(I first unwrapped it). Next I added a PNG of a soundwave and purposely enlarged it to show Digital Distortion. Finally I added a NASA, Public Domain shot of the stars and blended the whole thing before flattening and saving.

modified inferno theme screenshot

The CSS was modified to use the original Black Content Area Box on interior pages. I then used a Gallery widget to create several slide shows, including one that runs a constantly changing preview. Placing it in the sidebar required further CSS mods, as a pre-existing Black Border was showing through. I had to identify the affected sidebar div and delete the border. The result can be seen at ulfart.com


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