I had so many dreams

Unexpected v2

Unexpected v2

Recently William mentioned he unearthed a story ( X – Calibre) that I started around the time of the a fore mentioned art show (1978?). He asked me to finish it in time to be published in issue #2 of Short Stories and Tall Tales (along with StarDuster). I could not even remember the story. “What’s it about?” I asked. “It concerns a 1/2 cyborg 1/2 human hero named X-Calibre. He meets this intergalactic woman who joins him on his quest. They have this spaceship called “The Stone”. The last panel shows them taking off for further adventures and features the line ‘and together they soared in The Stone'”.

That’s all I was given to work with along with the 4 pages I now submit for your derision…Er…viewing pleasure!

I’ve done a lot of thinking on this one and believe I have come up with a new direction that just might be entertaining and thought provoking after all….Stay tuned…



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