Welcome to flotsam and jetsam related to my transformation from an Analogue to Digital artist. My father was an oil painter. I grew up inhaling Turpentine and Shellac. (perhaps that explains a lot. Hmmmmm). Since he disapproved of Comics (unless they were Classics Illustrated), I naturally fell in love with them. My early influences were Conan the barbarian (Frank Frazetta and Barry Smith) and any Science Fiction title produced by Jack “King” Kirby. (we’re talking New Gods and OMAC the One Man Army here, not Captain America et al.)

Around 1976 my brother, William Clausen and I attended the San Diego Comic Convention as gophers, and met Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry (who spent 2 days with us (as opposed to other dignitaries) in our hotel room. Stan Lee held a round table asking us kids what we wanted to see in a Marvel Publication. I spoke up and told him about our idea to put out a book called Epic Tales. The premise of the book would be a place for writers and artists to get things off their chest. Perhaps a single story or mini series. A place where you can try out ideas and gauge fan reaction without investing in the launch of an actual publication. I suggested he make use of Frank and Barry. A few years later, Epic Illustrated materialized.


6 thoughts on “Transformer

  1. Interesting, my mother wouldn’t let me read a comic book when I was little. I believe that is why I didn’t like to read as a youth, but now you can’t keep my nose out of a book. Comic Book art is in itself its own genre and should never be compared with classic works, well that’s my opinion at least. Is there value in comic book art? I think there is simply because it is art. Do I like comic book art? Honestly, not so much. But then again I’m not particularly fond of abstract art either. Do I read comics now? Nope and I most likely will never. I find that the artwork distracts from the story. I know that goes against what most comic book readers think, but it’s how my mind works. I just don’t want to be told what a character looks like or what they are doing. I rather leave that up to my own imagination.

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